The Quickening Collaborative, ancestral healing and wholing, is a group of radically responsible, innovative and collaborative practitioners dedicated to the emergent intelligence possible in a community that prioritizes transparency, equality, diversity, and growth. We do not believe in ownership of ideas, processes or methods. We believe the ancestral work that is essential for our time – that is as much activism as it is a practice of healing and wholing – is a process that is ever-unfolding, nuanced, and unique to each person who dares to turn toward their people with a prayer fueled by their longing.

We are dedicated to tending this emergent process with our people and are committed to continuously growing and sharing the skills, practices and ways we are shown each time we guide others in their ancestral journeys. We are dedicated to the practices of peer and elder supervision, guidance, support and accountability. We are equally dedicated to making this living emergent praxis available to all as open source.

We are excited by this radical way of being practitioners in community and we look forward to hearing from you!