“When we know who we are, where we came from, and why we are here, it is no longer possible to be owned and controlled by the sick cultural systems that seek to profit off our forgetting.”

We are a group of ancestral healing and wholing practitioners dedicated to guiding, honoring and acting in response to the unraveling, at a time when all of our Earth’s complex ecosystems have been irreparably harmed. Contrary to the despair and hopelessness we see around us, we know that if we listen to the deeper story, we hear not only the song of our own ancestral wisdom and sacred obligation, we also hear the emergent song of The World, waiting to be sung.

Equally informed by a living science, the rituals and wisdom of the Old World, and an emergent embodied gnosis, we are dedicated to the practice of paying attention and attending to The World and all Life as it – and our human community within it – navigate the inspiration, grief and unknowns of this grief-struck and inspirational moment.


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